Trusens Z1000 Air Purifer

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1, 2 Turbo!

From quiet speed to Turbo cleaning mode, the Z-1000 has been carefully optimized to deliver cleaner air. Packed with features, such as a powerful axial-centrifugal fan, PureDirect technology, UV sterilization mode and separate Carbon and HEPA filter replacement indicators, this little superhero does the job.

Trusens Z1000 Air Purifer

Simple Touch Controls

No clunky knobs or buttons to push. Just a simple touch will do.

Trusens Z1000 Air Purifer

360 Degree Filtration

The filter draws in air from every direction, collecting pollutants from around the room.

Trusens Z1000 Air Purifer

PureDirect Technology

Two airflow streams are better than one, moving air more effectively throughout the room.

Trusens Z1000 Air Purifer

Technologically advanced air purifier with DuPont filtration reduces pollutants in your personal space and improves your home air quality. The sleek design and compact style are ideal for any small space.

  • PureDirect technology distributes air more comfortably and effectively
  • This proprietary technology uses two airflow streams, distributing air further and more evenly throughout your room
  • 360 degree DuPont HEPA filter captures pollutants and VOC gases/odors from all directions. UV light kills germs and bacteria that can get trapped in the filter.
  • Simple touch-button control of fan speed, UV mode, and filter replacement indicators
  • Contemporary design that complements any home environment. Portability is easy with the sleek, integrated handle.


Sensor Not Included
Air Delivery Type PureDirect
Room Coverage 2 ACH 250 sq ft / 23.2 sq m
Purification Levels Carbon Filter, HEPA Type Filter, UV
Fan Speeds 3
Auto Mode False
Night Mode False
Filter Change Indicator Type Carbon, HEPA, UV
Dimensions 7.7" x 7.7" x 17.9" / 195 x 195 x 451 mm
Power Requirements 120v 60 Hz
Watts 40
Motor Type AC Motor
Noise Level 39 - 65 dB
Weight (KG) 4
Warranty 2 years
Accessories Included False
Date Indicator Undated

About TruSens Air Purifiers

Air purifiers reimagined with remote sensing technology, dual flow air streams and DuPont™ filtration. With three models to select from, you’re just one step closer to choosing a healthier lifestyle. Experience the difference of TruSens and start breathing cleaner air.

About TruSens

You can breathe easy knowing that the air around you is actually clean. As a group of passionate product designers and engineers, we are on a mission to help make lives better and elevate your healthy lifestyle. We started by making a better air purifier that improves indoor air quality. Our focus was to create a purifier that is beautifully designed, simple to use, and beneficial to your living space. TruSens is more than just a product, it is a part of your health and wellness journey.

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