Workplace productivity depends on concentration and privacy. At McLernons Business Base Perth, our office products help promote efficient and well-managed office environments. We have office screens to segment work areas, including desk-mounted office privacy screens and freestanding office dividers. These products improve privacy between work zones and enhance collaboration within defined pods, teams and work areas. Our office divider screens include Matrix screens, Orion screens, screen systems, and freestanding screens.

A range of premium office screens

Not all office screens are created equal, with some products designed to fit on desks and others specifically for the floor. If you want flexible freestanding office dividers, our products can block off specific areas and create a defined space. We also have office desk divider screens, office desk dividers, and office cubicle dividers. Whether you’re kitting out a new office or retrofitting an existing space, all our screens are easy to install and are designed to last with their high-quality construction.

Our desk-mounted office privacy screen products are designed for individual desks, parallel workstations, and corner pods. Whether you run a small home office or manage a sizable inner-city department, these office divider screens help to improve focus and concentration in any workplace. When workers are isolated from noise and distractions, they're more likely to work harder and focus more on the task at hand.

Freestanding office dividers are ideal for flexible workplace environments. A floor-based office privacy screen creates the illusion of separate rooms or zones, which is perfect for many small and medium-sized businesses. These products are simple to set up and easy to move around when needed. At Business Base, our freestanding office dividers are ideal for agile, modern office environments.

The McLernons Business Base Perth advantage

If you want high-quality office screens at competitive prices, McLernons Business Base Perth has you covered. We have a wide range of office divider screen items and office privacy screen products to choose from. As one of Australia's leading office furniture retailers, we combine our diverse range of products with competitive prices and outstanding customer service.

If you're looking for office screens, office divider screen products, office privacy screen designs, or freestanding office dividers, browse our range or contact our team today.