Enhance Your Workspace with Office Plants Hire 

Transform Your Office into a Green Sanctuary 

Breathe Life into Your Work Environment 

At McLernons Business Base, we specialize in breathing new life into workspaces through our premium Office Plants Hire service. Understanding the profound impact indoor plants can have, we're here to help you harness the benefits of greener, healthier office environments. 

The Green Star of Office Aesthetics 

Did you know that adding interior plants to your office doesn’t just beautify the space but also contributes towards a Green Star Interior Rating? As endorsed by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), incorporating plants into your office design can earn you valuable points towards achieving this esteemed environmental rating. Our service ensures you gain not one, but two points - one for the strategic distribution of plants throughout your workspace, and another for their ongoing maintenance. 

Health and Wellbeing at the Core 

Beyond aesthetics, the presence of plants in an office setting plays a crucial role in promoting health and well-being among employees. Research from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) reveals that having just 3-6 office plants can dramatically lower Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels, ensuring they stay well below Australia’s recommended maximum. This means cleaner air and a healthier workplace for you and your team.  

Proven Benifits of installing worklpace flora

100% nature

Clean Air Clear Thinking

Increase productivity

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Our Service: Tailored to Your Needs

McLernons Business Base is committed to delivering a seamless Office Plants Hire experience. We offer Expert Consultation: We assess your space and provide tailored recommendations to optimize the health and aesthetic benefits of indoor plants. Wide Selection: Choose from a variety of plants that best suit your office environment and design preferences. Full-Service Solution: From delivery and setup to regular maintenance, we take care of everything, ensuring your plants are healthy and your space remains vibrant. 

Ready to Greenify Your Office? 

Embrace the power of nature with McLernons Business Base Office Plants Hire. Contact us today to elevate your workspace, promote well-being, and move closer to a Green Star Interior Rating. Let’s create a greener, healthier, and more productive work environment together.  

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