Office storage & organisation is key to ensuring a productive and efficient workspace. By keeping things tidy and in their proper place, you can save time and energy that is otherwise spent searching for misplaced items. 

If you have an office to set up for your corporate business, you’ve come to the right place for office storage and filing. 

Discover our collection of office storage & organisation for your business 

At Mclernons Business Base, we have a large selection of storage and filing solutions for the home and office available Australia-wide. Our collection of office storage is available in a variety of colours, sizes, styles and configurations, including:

  • Credenzas — Store all your essential documents, office supplies and other materials in our stylish credenzas. Choose from an array of sleek designs for your modern office space.
  • Filing cabinets — A filing cabinet is a must-have for office storage. Whether you run a business from home, a medical practice or a multinational corporation, a filing cabinet will keep all your files organised for easy accessibility.
  • Mobile storage & archiving — Archive your previous files in our compact bay units. That way, you can keep your priority documents on hand.
  • Pedestals — Avoid an overcrowded work desk with our mobile office pedestals to store your documents, printer paper and other stationery.
  • Lockers — Have your employees and visitors easily store their belongings onsite to ensure security.
  • Pigeon holes — Our pigeon holes are excellent for navigating your belongings while easily keeping everything in plain sight.
  • Stationery cabinets — Invest in a lockable stationery cabinet to add style and functionality to your workspace.
  • Tambour door units — Fit your storage unit with our high-quality tambour doors to easily slide the doors open. Avoid the extra space of swinging doors with this discreet method.
  • Wall units — Much like a bookcase, a wall unit provides ample storage space for all your digital devices, such as printers or display monitors. 

Shop our range of office storage & organisation from Mclernons Business Base today 

If you’re in the market for office storage & organisation to set up your office and optimise your workflow, you’ve come to the right place. Mclernons Business Base is your one-stop shop for office storage & organisation to get your business up and running. Our "Best Value For Money" pricing model means you can receive our quality products at the best prices Australia-wide. Choose from a range of finishes and materials to suit your needs.

Shop from our secure online store and have your items delivered to your home or business from one of our Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane or Adelaide warehouses. 

If you require a quote or have any queries, please contact one of our Customer Service Consultants online — we’re more than happy to help!