Intimus 175 High Security Paper Shredder

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  • Intuitive control panel for ease of use
  • Auto-reverse for timesaving
  • Dynamic Load Sensor helps avoid jamming
  • EcoLogic function for optimal power consumption
  • Automatic oiler for seamless shredding
  • Large catch basket with separate sections for paper and plastic waste
  • Sheet capacity: 8-10
  • Shred Speed: 45 feet/min
  • Category: Office
  • Feed Opening Size: 10.43” for paper, 4.92” for optical media
  • Cut Type & Size: Cross Cut, 1/32”x 3/16” for paper, 1/16” x 1/16” for optical media
  • Security Level: P-7/O-6
  • Can Shred: Paper, paper clips, staples, credit cards, CDs/DVDs
  • Maximum Run Time: ------
  • Bin Capacity: 25.3 gallons for paper, 11.8 gallons for optical media
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Intimus 175 Hybrid High-Security Shredder: The Ideal Paper Shredding Solution

Intimus 175 Hybrid High Security Shredder is the first of its kind data disposal solution developed for a growing market segment. Most organizations need an all round shredding solution for all kinds of redundant data carrying materials besides paper, especially for optical media. The creative professionals at Martin Yale have come up with an innovative shredder that is as comprehensive as is demanded by consumers.

Intimus 175 Hybrid high security shredder features an innovative cutting unit that houses carefully designed cutting shafts. These robust components have two segments, each of which is precision engineered to suit the requirements of either class of media, to give users exactly what they want.

Intimus 175 Hybrid Offers High Level Of Security

As a high security shredder the Intimus 175 Hybrid conforms to both P-7 and O-6 security standards. This paper shredder can handle up to 10 sheets of paper at a time, which is enough for a medium sized office. Apart from paper, this optical media shredder destroys data carriers like CDs/DVDs and plastic cards as well.

With such high levels of security, 175 Hybrid high security shredder works perfectly in dynamic work environments where there are a variety of applications for a shredder. It offers its users both the versatile shredding ability they want and the high level of security their sensitive data needs.

Intimus 175 Hybrid Features Spectacular Specifications

The 175 Hybrid high security shredder is equipped with a high performance motor that allows it to shred through everything at a rapid speed of 45 feet/min. It has two wide feed throats: 10.43” for paper and 4.92” for optical media, both of which offer considerable flexibility to users regarding the range of material size they can shred.

With these specifications, Intimus 175 Hybrid maintains an acceptable throughput that is more than enough for medium sized offices with heavy workloads to deal with.

175 Hybrid High Security Shredder Is Amazingly User Friendly

The Intimus 175 Hybrid high security shredder is remarkably easy to use, owing to its intuitive usage. It starts and stops automatically so operators do not have to perform these operations manually.

Moreover, its i-control element presents a user-friendly interface to control it. It has illuminated indicators to keep users updated of the machine’s status.

Incorporating a great deal of moving components, Intimus 175 Hybrid needs an efficient lubrication system. Its automatic oiling unit offers a great solution to this.

Shredding with the Intimus 175 Hybrid is absolutely hassle-free since it is integrated with the Dynamic Load Sensor. This highly facilitative technology informs users via visual signals when they are overloading the feed, thus preventing them from overloading it to the point of paper jamming and saving their time.

For organizations that wish to adopt greener work policies, Intimus 175 Hybrid high security shredder is perfect. Its EcoLogic function optimizes power consumption through the application of an electronic system that puts it into its energy-efficient sleep mode when not in use. Furthermore, the waste collection compartment is also segregated into paper and non-paper waste bins for eco-friendly waste disposal. The waste bin for paper has a capacity of 25.3 gallons while the bin for optical media can hold up to 11.8 gallons of shreds.

Shredder Compliancy And Recommended Use

Intimus 175 Hybrid High Security Shredder is compliant with organizations that require high security. The banking and enterprise sector, as well as large tech firms, can use it to protect their monetary assets and sensitive documentation. Educational institutes have a lot of intellectual property paperwork that needs to be properly disposed of to protect people against IP theft. Moreover, government offices can also benefit from its superior shredding abilities.


Cut Type Cross Cut
Sheet Capacity 8-10
Shred Speed (ft./min.) 45
Security Level 6
Feed Opening (inches) 10 1/2
Bin Capacity (gallons) 25
Cut Size (inches) 1/32 x 3/16
Country of Origin Germany
Waste Bin type Pull-out Waste Bin
Dimensions (H" x W" x D") 41 x 26 x 22
DIN Security Level O-6, P-7
Warranty 1 Year Warranty on All Parts, 90 Days Labor, 3 Year on Cutting Cylinders
Value Added Features DLS (Dynamic Load Sensor), Dual Feed Opening, Ecologic, i-Control
Can Shred CD/DVDs, Paper
MPN Number 297764
Category Department Shredder, High Security Shredder
Product Name Intimus 175 Hybrid High Security Shredder
Manufacturer Intimus
SKU 175 Hybrid
Weight 198.4000


175 hybrid

Cut size paper

0,8 x 4,5 mm

Cut size optical media

1,2 x 2 mm

Security level DIN 66399

O-6 / P-7

Cutting speed

P-7 / F-3

Shredding capacity sheets 70 g/m2

0,23 m/sec

Bin volume

CD: 45 l / Paper: 96 l

Working width

CD: 125 mm / Paper: 265 mm

Noise level

52 db(A)


66x56x105 cm

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