• Why buy a shredder?

Privacy has never been more important. Are your document destruction procedures up to date? Ensure your sensitive and secure documents remain that way at home or in the workplace with a document shredder. Find the one that’s right for you with our Shredder Buying Guide.


  • What should I consider when buying a shredder?

Think about what your shredder is needed for. Have you got a few bits of mail you’d like to dispose of? Or is it confidential client data? Are you going to be using it all throughout the day? Or once a week? Keep these things in mind as we take you through this introduction to shredders.


  •  What are the different types of Shredders?

There are three main cut types for you to consider, listed here from most basic to most advanced.


    • Strip-cut Shredders

These shredders offer a basic level of security, slicing your documents into a long, vertical strips. For everyday documents or mail that contains no sensitive information.


    • Cross-cut Shredders

With a cross-cut shredder, paper is cut both lengthways and crossways, adding an extra layer of security. They’re ideal for personal information of a non-sensitive nature.


    • Micro-cut Shredders

For secure destruction of sensitive information such as medical or financial documents, pick a micro-cut shredder. Paper is cut into a confetti-like particle, significantly reducing the chance of your documents being reassembled.


  • What are the shredder security ratings?

Security ratings represent how hard it would be for someone to reassemble your documents from your shredder’s output. Shredder security levels range from P-1 to P-7, and represent a decreasing size of the shredded particles.


    • Low Security Level (P-1 and P-2)

Generally, a strip-cut shredder will have a security level of P-1 or P-2, cutting your document into ribbons. For P-1, those ribbons can be up to 12 mm in width, whereas with P-2, they can be up to 6 mm. This means that they’re suitable for basic day-to-day use in your home or workspace and can be used to shred non-sensitive data. This might include things like everyday files and general documents, non-sensitive invoices, printouts and photocopies. They’re also suitable for paper volume reduction and large scale paper recycling schemes such as disposing of newspapers, phone books and junk mail.


    • Medium Security Level Shredders (P-3)

P-3 shredders use a cross-cut shredding pattern for added security, presenting a significant level up from strip cutters. Particles are cut two ways, creating shorter strips, although a strip length maximum is not specified for this security level. However, the particles must be a maximum of 2 mm in width with a maximum surface area of 320 mm2. P-3 is ideal for documents that might contain sensitive details like addresses.  


    • High Security Level (P-4 and above)

Micro-cut shredders fall into the security level of P-4 and above, with strips measuring a maximum of 160 mm2 in area. A P-4 shredder is suitable for bank statements, while you might opt for P-5 where sensitive personal or commercial data is involved.


A P-5 shredder create particles with a maximum of 30 mm2 surface area, and is best suited to sensitive financial, business, or personal data.


P6 shredders have a maximum surface area of 10 mm2 and are suitable for legal documents, and medical data, while P7 has a maximum surface area of 5 mm2 and is suitable for military, government, and otherwise highly sensitive information.


  • What are the key features of shredders?

Aside from security, you can find a compatible shredder by looking for the features that will make your life easier.

    • Duty cycle
    Shredders, like all of us, sometimes need a break to cool down. Look for a longer run time and a shorter rest time if you need to shred documents multiple times a day – or if your shredder will be in a shared workspace where it will have shorter times between uses. There are even shredders with continuous run cycles, which are ideal for shared workspaces where the shredder might not have time to rest between uses. 


      • Auto-Feed

      If you’re not thrilled by the prospect of manually feeding sheets into a shredder all day, you might opt for a shredder with an auto-feed option. These shredders often work much like a printer, where you input paper into a tray, and it is fed through the machine automatically. If you’re regularly shredding a large volume of documents, or simply want an easy option for when you do, and auto-feed shredder is an ideal choice.


        • Capacity

        If you’re frequently disposing of a high volume of documents, it goes without saying that having to empty the bin less frequently will be a helpful choice. With shredder bin sizes from under 10 to 80 and above, you’ll be sure to find a size that meets your needs within our range. 


          • Shredding non-paper items

          Many shredders can easily process things like staples and paperclips, helping you save time preparing your documents. Some shredders can also destroy bank cards, CDs and DVDs, too, helping you keep all kinds of private data out of the wrong hands.


          Security Level
          DIN 32757
          Home / Office
          1 - 4 Users
          < 500 sheets/day
          5 - 9 Users
          < 2000 sheets/day
          10+ Users
          2000+ sheets/day
          din 2

          Security Level 2: 
          Strip Width ≤4-6mm
          Strip Length ∞
          Strip Area ≤ 800mm2

          Low/Medium Security

          Private information, internal documents.

          Rexel Mercury RES1523 

          Ideal 2220 

          Kobra+1 SS4

          Rexel Mercury RSS2434 

          Fellowes 70S 

          HSM Securio C16 

          Ideal 2270 

          HSM Securio B22


          Fellowes 90S 

          Rexel RDS2250 Mercury 

          Fellowes 125i 

          Kobra 240.1 S4 

          Rexel RDS2270 Mercury 

          Kobra 260.1 S4 

          Fellowes 225i 

          HSM Securio B26 

          Ideal 2503 

          Kobra 300.2 SS4 

          HSM Securio B34 

          ideal 2604 

          Ideal 3104 

          Kobra 400 S5 

          HSM Securio P36 

          - Ideal 4002 

          - Intimus 175 S 5.8  


          Fellowes Powershred 325i 

          Fellowes Powershred 385i 

          Fellowes 425i 

          Fellowes 485i 

          HSM Securio P40 

          HSM Securio P44 

          - HSM Securio P44 

          - Intimus S 14.95s 

          - Intimus S 16.50cc 

          - Ideal 5009 

          din 3

          Security Level 3: CROSS CUT
          Particle Width ≤ 4mm
          Particle Length ≤ 80mm
          Particle Area ≤ 320mm2

          Security Level 4: CROSS CUT 
          Particle Width ≤ 2mm
          Particle Length ≤ 15mm
          Particle Area ≤ 30mm2

          Medium /High Security

          Confidential and sensitive information


          Rexel Momentum x410

          Rexel Stack & Shred Auto+100X 

          Rexel Momentum x312 

          - Gold Sovereign 1000 

          Rexel Mercury RSX1834 

          - Gold Sovereign  2000 

          Kobra +1 CC4 

          Fellowes 73Ci 

          HSM Securio C16 

          Gold Sovereign Pro 160 

          Fellowes 79ci 

          Rexel Momentum x415 

          Fellowes AutoMax 150c 

           - HSM Securio B22 

          HSM Securio B22 



          Rexel auto stack & shred 200x 

          Gold Sovereign 3000 

          Fellowes 99ci 

          Fellowes AutoMax 200c 

          Rexel Momentum x420 

          Rexel RDX1850 Mercury 

          Fellowes 125ci 

          Kobra 240.1 C4 

          Rexel Auto stack & Shred 300x

          Fellowes AutoMax 350c 

          Rexel RDX2070 Mercury 

          Kobra AF+1 

          HSM Securio B34 

          - HSM Securio B26 

          HSM Securio P36  

          - ShredinaBin +KOBRA 300C4

          ShredinaBin +KOBRA 310TSAFC4

          Kobra 300.2 C4

          Kobra 300 AF.1

          - Kobra 400 C4

          - Ideal 2503 4x40mm 

          - Fellowes AutoMax 550c 

          - Rexel Auto Stack & Shred 600XS/T

          - Rexel auto stack& shred 750X 

          - iDEAL 3104

          - Kobra 310TS-AF-C4 

          - Intimus 60 CC 

          - Intimus 100cc 

          - Ideal 2604 2x15mm

          - Intimus 130cc 

          - Ideal 4002 4x40mm 

          - Ideal 4002 2x15mm 

          - Intimus 175 cc


          Intimus 175 4x46mm 

          - Intimus 175cc Class B 

          HSM Securio P40 

          HSM Securio P44 

          - Fellowes 325ci

          - Fellowes 385ci 

          - Fellowes 425ci 

           - Intimus 130cc

          - Fellowes 485ci

          - Intimus 802cc 

          - Ideal 4605CC

          - Intimus 852CC VS with Hopper 

          - Intimus S14.95 CC 

          - Kobra 430 TS 

          - Intimus 16.86 & Baler 

          din 5

          Security Level 5:
          Particle Width ≤ 0.8mm
          Particle Length ≤ 13mm
          Particle Area ≤ 10mm2

          High/Maximum Security

          Top secret or classified documents; required for government, military and research institutes

          - Fellowes 450M 

          - Rexel Auto stack & Shred +100M 

          - Fellowes AutoMax 100M 

          - Fellowes 99MS 

          - Rexel Auto Stack& Shred 300M 

          - Fellowes AutoMax 200M 

          - Rexel Auto Stack & Shred 500M 

          - HSM Securio B26 Micro 

          - HSM Securio B34 Micro 

          HSM Securio P36 Micro 

          Fellowes 225mi MicroShred 

          - HSM Securio P40 Micro  

          - HSM Securio P44 Micro 

          - Kobra Cyclone 


          din 6

          Security Level 6
          (Unofficial Standard):
          Particle Width ≤ 1mm
          Particle Length ≤ 5mm
          Particle Area ≤ 5mm2

          Maximum Security

          Top secret or classified documents; required for government, military, and research institutes

           - Fellowes Fortishred 1050HS 

          - HSM Securio B26 Super Micro 

          - Fellowes Fortishred 3250HS  

          HSM Securio B34 Super Micro 

          - HSM Securio P36  Super Micro 

          - HSM Securio P40 Super Micro 

          - HSM Securio P44 Super Micro