BenQ DuoBoard 65" Corporate Interactive Flat Panel CP6501K

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BenQ CP Series Corporate Interactive Flat Panel – DuoBoard

Transform your workplace with the cutting-edge technology of the BenQ CP Series Corporate Interactive Flat Panel – DuoBoard. Designed for modern offices, BenQ Corporate Interactive Flat Panels offer the latest tools for interactive meetings without external PCs. With pioneering innovations including Cloud Whiteboard, Account Management System (AMS), 20-point multi-touch, 4K resolution, Smart Eye-Care and Air Quality Sensor, the BenQ Cp Series Corporate Interactive Flat Panel provides intuitive collaboration and display interactivity with the ease of wireless presentation, open-platform software compatibility, and hassle-free maintenance.


  • Set up Your Meeting by only One-Step
  • Collaboration+ Unleashes Infinite Possibilities
  • Flexible Anytime Annotation
  • InstaShare Wireless Solution for Seamless Collaboration
  • Facilitate Efficient Communication with Friendly Design
  • Foster a Powerful Collaborative Environment
  • Hassle-Free Display Management and Security
  • Choose between 65 inch screen (1502mm x 878mm) or 86 inch screen (1962mm x 1136mm)
  • Check out the brochure for more details!

Instant Meetings without Wait

Duoard allows users to just bring their own portable devices to start the meeting right away. The built-in camera and array mic also allow for direct video conference without troublesome preparations and cable cluster. By supporting various input sources including OPS, HDMI, VGA, USB flash drive, and more, DuoBoard offers excellent compatibility.

Account Management System for Personalized Workspace

DuoBoard supports multi-account management through NFC technology, which allows users to directly access and manage their personal system-setting, network drive, and cloud storage space such as google Drive and Dropbox, by simply scanning BenQ-designed NFC cards without having to enter a password.

Start Meetings Quickly with BenQ Launcher

DuoBoard makes it easy for users to launch meetings without delay. Created to aggregate all key tools in one hub, BenQ Launcher allows employees to access video input sources or use the EZWrite whiteboard without having to log into their accounts. Additionally, BenQ Launcher comes with a task switcher, letting users switch between recent apps and input signal sources with just a simple touch.

Video Conferences Anytime, Anywhere

DuoBoard is pre-loaded with useful business apps such as Blizz by TeamViewer, a powerful cloud meeting service that unifies video conferencing, simple online meetings, group messaging, and discussion management. With a one-click-to-start interface, you can easily host a high-quality audiovisual group meeting by connecting various devices. The embedded camera and array mic enhance meeting efficiency, boosting productivity.

Duo Boards

This feature is designed for extending collaboration, fostering teamwork, and stimulating innovation. Combining two DuoBoards together, users can seamlessly double the collaboration space and develop borderless ideas. Users can use the EZwrite to work jointly with their teammates to complete a complicated task. Files saved in individual IFP are also shareable between IFPs. One plus one is definitely more than two.

Annotate and Collaborate Everywhere with the Cloud

Boasting powerful cloud features, EZWrite 5 streamlines discussions by letting employees share notes and ideas whether they are in the office, at home, or on a business trip. With BenQ’s exclusive AMS service, employees can save materials in the cloud and access them directly from the BenQ IFP, without need for a laptop or smart device.

Sticky Notes

Packed with user-friendly features, EZWrite 5 is the leading annotation solution for boosting collaboration and communication during meetings. With the EZWrite Cloud Whiteboard, employees can collect, categorize, edit, and share notes between the IFP and their mobile devices or laptops, ensuring they’ll have access to their important materials everywhere.

BenQ DuoBoard 65" Corporate Interactive Flat Panel CP6501K

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