Uchida AeroFold Plus Folding Machine

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Uchida AeroFold Plus

Uchida AeroFold is the only compact folding machine on the market with a vacuum feed system. Country of production- Japan. The machine confidently works with a variety of types of paper - including offset paper, recycled paper, copying paper, coated paper and design of various densities.

Overview of UCHIDA AeroFold Plus Video


  • Folding speed up to 15000 sheet / hour
  • Friendly interface and error indication
  • Automatic adjustment of folding cassettes for the desired type of fold
  • Automatic detection of the paper feed size for fine adjustment of folding cassettes
  • Expansion of finishing possibilities with punching and creasing modules

    Technical features and characteristics:

    Uchida AeroFold is a fully automatic two-cassette folding machine, it contains 30 pre-programmed fold types for standard paper sizes, it is also possible to save your own settings. Vacuum belt allows you to work consistently with all types of paper, incl. recycled and coated, as well as an extended range of densities (from 52.3 to 230 g / m2).

    There are 6 Quick Start buttons on the control panel to enable standard folding modes: single fold, zigzag folding, winding, double parallel fold, fold-out, window.

    Designed with Japanese thoroughness Uchida AeroFold has a dust and noise insulating hood, covering the mechanism parts from the influence of aggressive environment and the ingress of small foreign objects. Error indication occurs on the device's display and allows you to eliminate troubles in minutes and continue working. The sheet is fed with a vacuum belt, so the machine easily works with papers of various qualities and densities - from 52.3 g / m to 230 g / m.


    Model Uchida Aerofold
    Dimensions, mm 1300x600x590
    Weight, kg 70
    Thickness of foot, sheet 500 (for paper 80 g / m2)
    Types of materials Offset, copy paper, junk, designer, coated paper
    Power supply, V / Hz 110-120 V; 2.6 A / 240 W
    220-240 V; 1.5 A / 260 W
    Productivity, ex / hour 5 speeds: from 2500 to 15000 (for offset paper A4, 80 g / m2 / one fold)
    Maximum paper size, mm 330x488
    Minimal paper size, mm 120x210
    Automatically detectable paper sizes A3; A4; A5; B4 and B5
    Fold type Pre-installed folds, automatically adjustable: single, in winding, zigzag, double parallel, Fold-out and window
    Setting the fold type Automatically adjusts for 8 sizes of paper and fold types
    Sheet counter 4-digit, forward / reverse sheet counting
    No paper indication Yes
    Paper feeding system Vacuum belt with top feed
    Memorization of folding types Up to 30 types of rebate
    Additional equipment (option) Perforation module (microperforation); Module creasing
    Number of cassettes 2
    Setting Folding Cassettes automatic

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